A/C Amigo Offers Mini-Split Systems!

Mitsubishi Mini Split


Don’t be caught outside of your comfort zone. A/C Amigo offers Mitsubishi Electric systems. This system offers you a more efficient way to heat and cool your house with no duct work. Using a mini-split system allows each room to use an individual indoor air-handler to be controlled independently from any room in the house. This unique system enables you to have individual comfort control in each room of your home.

Control Individual Environments

Controlling your comfort system is easier than ever. Using your smart remote controller, you are able to make it the perfect temperature with the simple touch of a button. Mitsubishi Electric systems use two small refrigerant lines plus power and control wiring to connect an outdoor unit to each individual air handler. This allows for easy installation in new construction and causes minimal disruption if you are renovating your current home due to hotspots.