Air Filtration and Purification

Indoor air is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. air-filtration
Our lives are filled with many sources of contaminates (dust, pollen, pet dander) and without proper ventilation, these impurities remain in the home. Another problem is humidity, which breeds bacteria, viruses, mildew and dust and causes respiratory problems, sore throats and skin irritation. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, reports that 50 percent of illnesses are caused or aggravated by poor indoor air quality.
The whole house filter not only aids the occupants in breathing cleaner air, but the high efficiency filters help the equipment stay clean and working at its peak performance. A clean coil means the air can freely pass through the coil and cool the house quicker.
If A/C Amigo installs a media filter on their equipment install, we offer a 15 year clean coil guarantee. We are so confident in the product that A/C Amigo guarantees that you will not have to clean the coil for the 15 year period.
To protect your family, consider an indoor air evaluation by the Rio Grande Valley air conditioning specialists at A/C Amigo. We will take a look at your equipment, current filtration system, air ducts and other possible sources of issues.

A/C Amigo Offers:

Air Filtration Units including Honeywell and Aprilaire
Air Purification Units including Blue Tube, and REME.
We have a large assortment of air filters….high efficiency pleated air filters in 1”, 2”, 4”, media filters by Honeywell and Aprilaire.