AC Equipment Replacement

Pamper Yourself in Comfort

When choosing equipment, consider that the contractor is more important than the brand. After all, if the equipment isn’t properly installed, you won’t get the lasting, efficient, reliable, and best-performing system possible. Our latest technology includes new refrigerants, variable speed motors, and scroll compressors on outdoor units, which increases efficiency. Modern equipment means quieter equipment, thanks to new motor technology for indoor units and a new compressor design for outdoor units. There is no need for any confusion. We’ll walk you through it.


Look beyond the brand of equipment…

Going beyond just cooling, we create for you a home comfort experience, complete with air purification, filtration, and humidity control. Clean, dry air – especially for allergy and asthma suffers – is essential for optimum comfort.
As you evaluate the options presented by our industry, we encourage you to look beyond brand and really evaluate what you are getting for the money. Here are a few things you may want to consider before you decide.

Lower Utility Bills

Save up to 65% off cooling & heating bills
Learn how to maximize the savings

Quieter Equipment

Enjoy new motor technology for indoor units
Experience new compressor design for outdoor units
Understand what each model has to offer.

Better Humidity Control

Remove more water from the air
Create the most comfortable indoor climate possible

Better Air Filtration & Air Purification

Reduce allergy suffering
Enjoy more convenient maintenance
Purify the air every time units turn on
Receive filter replacements
Enjoy environmentally friendly installations